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B( poker ) -The second position to the left of the dealer. Sometimes called just B.

B.R. (general terms ) - Bankroll.

Baby( poker )


Baccarat (general terms )

Baccarat a Deux Tableau

Baccarat En Banque

Baccarat Rules of Play

Back (general terms ) - To bet or wager. An investor is often referred to as having backed a particular horse.

Back Counting ( blackjack)

Back Door (general terms ) - A 'cover' that occurs in the waning moments of a game.

Back Door Flush (Or Straight)( poker ) -Catching two cards to a flush.

Back in( poker )

Back into( poker )

Back Line ( craps ) - Another term for Don’t Pass Line.

Back Line (general terms ) - See Don’t Pass Line.

Back Line Skinner ( craps ) - Betting that the next roll will be the number of 7.

Back Off ( blackjack)

Back Peek( poker )

Back Raise( poker )

Back Seat( poker ) -A position on a round of betting in which you act after most of the other players have acted.

Back( poker ) -1) Reverting to lowball, as in jacks back. 2) Finance another player.

Backdoor Straight( poker ) -Catching two cards to a straight.

Backdoor( poker )

Backed (general terms )

Backed in (general terms )

Backed Up( poker )

Backer( poker )

Backing( poker )

Backline( poker )

Backs( poker ) -The reverse sides of the cards, as opposed to the sides that show their ranks and suits.

Back-to-Back( poker ) -Serially, or in a row. "I drew two cards and caught back-to-back kings."

Backtrack (roulette) -The outer, stationary rim of the roulette wheel where the ball is spun. Also called the ball-track.

Bad Beat (general terms ) - Losing under unusual circumstances

Bad Beat( poker ) -A very good hand, often a full house or higher, that is beat by an even better hand.

Bad Game( poker ) -Any game in which you figure to be the loser, because the other players are better than you.

Bad( poker )

Bad-Beat Jackpot( poker )

Bad-Beat Story( poker )

Bag (general terms ) - An English casino term for thousand, e.g., 5 bag = 5 thousand.

Bagman (general terms ) - An intermediary who picks up and delivers money.

Bait( poker ) -A small bet made to encourage a raise.

Bak ( blackjack) - An abbreviation for Back At the Keyboard, used during chat.

Baker( poker ) -The second position to the left of the dealer. Sometimes called just B.

Bakers Bun ( bingo ) - 61

Balanced Count ( blackjack)

Balanced Games( poker )

Ball (roulette)

Ball Drawing Device ( keno )

Ball Game ( keno )

Ball Gate ( bingo )

Ball Lifter ( bingo )

Ball Runway ( bingo )

Ball Shooter ( bingo )

Ball Track (roulette) -The outer, stationary rim of the roulette wheel where the ball is spun. Also called the backtrack

Balls ( keno ) - Keno balls. Similar to bingo balls or ping pong balls. Numbered 1-80.

Banana( poker ) -Dollar; dollar chip.

Banco ( baccarat )

Banco Prime ( baccarat )

Bang on the Drum ( bingo ) - 71

Bank ( baccarat ) - The hand in all forms of baccarat which is dealt to last which acts last.

Bank ( blackjack)

Bank ( keno ) - The casino's money available for keno operations.

Bank (general terms ) - The financial backer of a gambling operation.

Bank Hand ( baccarat ) - The hand in all forms of baccarat which is dealt to last which acts last.

Bank( poker )

Banker (general terms )

Banker( poker )

Bankroll ( baccarat ) - A player’s total gambling money.

Bankroll ( blackjack)

Bankroll ( keno )

Bankroll (general terms )

Bankroll (roulette) -The total amount of money a gambler sets aside to gamble with.

Bankroll( poker )

Ba-Poker Dictionary( poker )

Bar (general terms )

Bar / Barring ( blackjack)

Bar Price (general terms )

Bar the 12 ( craps )

Bar the 12 (general terms ) - Makes the 12 a push on the Don’t Pass Bar.

Bar( poker )

Barbara Hutton( poker ) -In hold 'em, 10-5 as one's first two cards.

Barber Pole ( blackjack).

Barge ( blackjack) - An abbreviation for Big August Rec. Gambling Excursion in Las Vegas.

Barn( poker ) -A Full House, three of a kind and a pair.

Barnburner( poker ) -Very good hand; likely a wheel in lowball or a high straight flush in high poker.

Barrier ( bingo )

Base (general terms ) - Area on the dice table where the majority of bets are made and paid.

Base Dealer (general terms ) - Dice dealer in charge of one of the bases.

Base Dealer( poker )

Baseball Poker Dictionary( poker ) -Baseball.

Baseball( poker )

Basement( poker )

Basic Machines (slots)

Basic Strategy ( blackjack)

Basic Strategy (general terms ) - The mathematically correct way to play blackjack.

Baskin-Robbins( poker ) -In hold 'em, 3-A as one's first two cards; from the ice cream chain's "31 Flavors."

Bay and a Gray( poker )

Bb( poker ) -Shorthand, particularly in e-mail and Internet postings, for big blind.

Bbrb( poker )

Bc ( blackjack)

Bca ( blackjack) - The acronym for a software program called Blackjack Count Analyzer

Bcci (general terms ) - Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Bccp (general terms ) - Board of Control for Cricket in Pakistan.

B-Dealer( poker )

Be ( blackjack) - The acronym for Betting Efficiency.

Bean( poker ) -Chip; dollar. "Dealer, would you sell me some ante beans?" "Cost ya a bean to get in this pot."

Beano ( bingo )

Bear( poker ) -A tight player.

Beard (general terms )

Beat the Board( poker )

Beat( poker )

Bedsprings( poker )

Bee Deck( poker )

Beef ( blackjack)

Beef (general terms ) - A dispute over the outcome of a bet.

Beer Hand( poker ) -In hold 'em, 7-2 as one's first two cards.

Beggar( poker ) -In high games, a no-pair hand (and one that is not a straight or flush, either) with no card higher than a 10.

Behind a Log( poker )

Behind( poker )

Belly Buster( poker ) -A draw to fill an insight straight; a gut shot.

Belly Card( poker ) -A card that makes an inside straight.

Belly Hit( poker ) -A card that makes an inside straight.

Belly-Buster Straight ( poker ) -A straight made by catching a belly buster.

Belly-Up ( poker )

Bend ( poker ) -Mark a card by creasing or folding slightly.

Benny Blue, You're All Through ( craps ) - Betting that the next roll will be the number of 7 (5&2)

Bent ( poker )

Bep ( blackjack) - The acronym for Break-Even Point.

Berries ( poker ) -The nuts; usually preceded by the.

Berry Patch ( poker ) -An easy (to beat) game, particularly one full of live ones gambling it up.

Best Bet (general terms )

Best Flush ( poker )

Best of it ( poker )

Best-Hand ( poker )

Bet ( keno ) - The amount of money subject to loss in any one game by a player.

Bet ( poker ) -To put money into the pot, pursuant to the rules of the game, thus maintaining a chance of winning the pot.

Bet (general terms ) - A transaction in which monies are deposited or guaranteed.

Bet after the Declare ( poker )

Bet Blind ( poker )

Bet Blind-Raise Blind ( poker )

Bet Details ( keno ) - - The terms under which a Bet is placed, including: cost of bet, ways and number of games.

Bet For Value ( poker ) -Betting in order to raise the amount in the pot, not to make your opponents fold.

Bet into ( poker ) -To bet before a stronger hand, or a player who bet strongly on the previous round.

Bet on the Come ( poker ) -Playing a worthless hand in the hope of improving it is called "betting on the come."

Bet Out of Turn ( poker )

Bet Per Game ( keno ) - The Bet per Ticket divided by the Forward Games.

Bet Per Way ( keno ) - The Bet per Game divided by the Number of Ways.

Bet Sizing ( blackjack) - A system of varying one's bets according to the advantage that he has in a given situation.

Bet Spread ( blackjack)

Bet the Limit ( poker ) -Bet the maximum permitted, usually in a spread-limit, no-limit, or pot-limit game.

Bet the Pot ( poker ) -To bet the total value of the pot.

Bet the Raise ( poker )

Bet Through ( poker )

Bet Type ( keno ) -Configuration of a Bet, i.e. Jackpot, Way Bet, Set Bet, etc.

Bet-Declare-Bet ( poker )

Bet-or-Drop ( poker )

Bet-or-Fold ( poker )

Betting Black ( poker ) -Betting $100 amounts (black is a common color for $100 chips).

Betting Board (general terms ) - A board used by the bookmaker to display the odds of the horses engaged in a race.

Betting Cards (general terms )

Betting Correlation / Bc ( blackjack)

Betting Efficiency / Be ( blackjack)

Betting Forecast (general terms ) - The odds of a race as predicted by the daily newspapers.

Betting Green ( poker ) -Betting $25 amounts (green is a common color for $25 chips).

Betting Handle ( blackjack) -The total amount of money that a player bets during a session or more extended period of time.

Betting Interval ( poker )

Betting Level ( poker )

Betting Limits ( blackjack) - Establishes the minimum and maximum amounts that can be wagered on one bet.

Betting Limits (general terms ) - The minimum and maximum that can be wagered on one bet.

Betting Line (general terms ) - The posted list of upcoming games and their point spreads.

Betting Ratio / Betting Spread ( blackjack)

Betting Red ( poker ) -Betting $5 amounts (red is a common color for $5 chips).

Betting Right ( craps ) - Betting that the dice will win on Pass Line and Come bets.

Betting Right (general terms ) - Betting on the Pass Line or with the shooter.

Betting Round ( poker )

Betting Slip ( lotto ) - A paper form that is completed by the customer so it can be electronically read by a computer.

Betting True Count ( blackjack) - The value of the true count, adjusted to reflect the number of aces, rich or poor.

Betting White ( poker ) -Betting $1 amounts (white is a common color for $1 chips).

Betting Wrong ( craps ) - Betting that the dice will not win, or pass, by placing Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets.

Betting Wrong (general terms ) - Betting on the Don’t Pass or against the shooter.

Bettor ( blackjack) - A customer who places wagers at any of the casino gaming tables.

Bettor (general terms ) - US term for person placing a bet. In the UK a punter or customer.

Betty Hutton ( poker )

Between the Sticks ( bingo ) - 86

Bfame (general terms ) - Bridge Federation of Asia & Middle East.

Bfp (general terms ) - Baseball Federation of Pakistan.

B-Game( poker ) -The second-highest game in a particular club.

Biased Numbers (roulette)

Biased Wheel (roulette)

Bib ( blackjack) - The acronym for Blackbelt In Blackjack, book by Arnold Snyder.

Bicycle ( poker ) -The best possible low hand: A-2-3-4-5. More common term: Wheel.

Bicycle Cards ( poker )

Bicycle Wheel ( poker )

Bid ( poker )

Big ( poker ) -Pertaining to $1000. "I lost six big" means "I lost $6000."

Big 6 ( craps )

Big 8 ( craps )

Big Apple ( poker ) -Big game, often the biggest game in a particular club. "I lost $1000 in the big apple today".

Big Bertha (slots)

Big Bet ( poker )

Big Bet Game ( poker ) -1) A pot-limit or no-limit game. 2) High-stakes game.

Big Bet Poker Dictionary ( poker )

Big Bill ( poker ) -1) $100 bill. 2) $1000 bill.

Big Blind ( poker )

Big Bobtail ( poker ) -An open-ended 4-card straight flush.

Big Casino ( poker ) -The 10 of diamonds; in lowball, a hand topped by this card.

Big Cat ( poker )

Big Dime ( poker ) -$10,000; usually heard only among sports bettors.

Big Dog ( poker )

Big Full ( poker ) -In hold 'em, the highest possible full house, that is, three aces and two kings.

Big Game ( poker ) -The biggest game in the house; usually preceded by the.

Big Hand ( poker )

Big Limit ( poker ) -One of the largest games played in a particular establishment or area. "He plays only big limit".

Big Nickel ( poker ) -500

Big Number (roulette)

Big One ( poker )

Big Player ( poker ) -A big-limit player, or someone who plays in large no-limit games.

Big Player / Bp ( blackjack)

Big Red ( craps ) - Placing a bet on Any Seven.

Big Six ( blackjack) - The large, vertical wheel of fortune type apparatus normally set near the main entrance of a casino.

Big Slick ( poker ) -In Texas Hold'em, hole cards of A-K, suited or not.

Big Squeeze ( poker ) -High-low six-card stud, sometimes played with a twist.

Big Tiger ( poker )

Bike ( poker ) - A Bicycle. The best possible low hand: A-2-3-4-5. More common term: Wheel.

Bill ( poker )


Bingo Board

Bingo Booklets

Bingo Card ( bingo )

Bingo Marker ( bingo ) - A crayon or ink dauber that is used to cover the numbers on a bingo game card.

Bird Dog ( poker )

Bitch ( poker ) -A Queen.

Bj ( blackjack)

Bja ( blackjack) - An abbreviation for Don Schlesinger's book entitled Black Jack Attack.

Bjf ( blackjack) - An abbreviation for Black Jack Forum, Arnold Snyder's newsletter.

Bjfb ( blackjack) - An abbreviation for Bryce Carlson's book entitled Black Jack For Blood.

Black & Whites ( blackjack)

Black ( poker ) -A $100 chip, in many card rooms and casinos.

Black Action (roulette) -A bet made with a black ($100) chip.

Black Action or Black Play ( blackjack)

Black Bet (roulette) -A wager that the color of the next number will be black.

Black Book (general terms ) - The list of undesirable people who are forbidden to enter any casino in Nevada.

Black Chip ( blackjack) - A $100 chip.

Black Chip ( poker ) -A $100 chip, in many card rooms and casinos.

Black Chip Game ( poker ) -A high-stakes game, that is, one using $100 chips.

Black Leg ( poker ) -Archaic term for crooked card-sharp.

Black Maria ( poker )

Blackjack (general terms ) - A card game where players try to beat the dealer by getting closest to 21 without going over.

Blackjack / 21 / Twenty-One

Blackjack Table

Blackout ( bingo )

Blacks ( blackjack) - $100 table checks. "I've been dealing to blacks all night."

Blacks (roulette) -Chips valued at $100.

Blank ( keno ) - - A keno ticket that has not been used.

Blank ( poker ) -A card that is of no value to a player's hand.

Blaze ( poker ) -1) A hand consisting of five face cards. It has no ranking in card room poker, though sometimes does in private games. The term is often used by lowball players to embellish their hard-luck stories. "That guy just got his second bicycle, and what'd I get? Another blaze." 2) A nonstandard hand sometimes given value in a private or home game, consisting of five face cards, ranking between two pair and three of a kind.

Bleed ( blackjack) - To worry about a player winning on a gaming table

Bleed ( poker ) -Win a lot of money a little at a time, from either a game or a particular player.

Bleeder ( blackjack) - A person, usually a pit boss or a floorman who worries or gets upset if a player is winning.

Blind ( poker )

Blind and Atraddle Game ( poker )

Blind Bet (Or Blind) ( poker )

Blind Game ( poker ) -A game with blinds.

Blind Off ( poker )

Blind Open ( poker )

Blind Opening ( poker )

Blind Raise ( poker ) -When a player raises without first looking at his or her cards.

Blind Robber ( poker )

Blind Stealer ( poker )

Blind Stud ( poker )

Blind Tiger ( poker )

Blister ( poker ) -To peg.

Blistering ( poker ) -The marks put on cards described under peg.

Blivit ( poker ) -A totally worthless hand. When caught bluffing, a player might announce, "I've got a blivit."

Block ( poker )

Block System ( poker )

Blockout Work ( poker ) -Marking the backs of cards by covering part of the design with ink.

Blocky ( poker ) -In hold 'em, 6-3 as one's first two cards.

Blood Game ( poker )

Blood Poker Dictionary ( poker ) -Playing poker primarily for money, as opposed to social reasons.

Blook ( poker )

Blooker ( poker )

Blow ( poker ) -Lose a pot. "I blew that pot."

Blow (general terms )

Blow Back ( poker ) -Lose one's profit, often due to having stuck around too long.

Blow it ( blackjack) To lose a bet for the dealers. "I've blown every bet they've made for me tonight."

Blower ( bingo )

Blower ( keno

Blue ( poker ) -Having a spade or club flush. Also, all black.

Blue Box (general terms ) - A device used by some bookmakers to make illegal long distance calls.

Bluff ( poker ) -To make a bet or raise with a poor hand, in hope that the remaining active player(s) will fold.

Bluff Catcher ( poker )

Bm (general terms ) - Bookmaker

Board ( keno ) - An electrical board showing the twenty numbers selected for each game of keno.

Board ( poker )

Board Man ( poker )

Board Odds (general terms ) - The odds offered by a bookmaker, which are listed on his or her betting board.

Board Person ( poker )

Board/Show Price (general terms )

Boardman ( poker )

Boat ( poker )

Bobtail ( poker ) -Four cards to a straight or flush.

Bobtail Flush ( poker ) -Four cards to a flush.

Bobtail Straight ( poker )

Bobtailed Straight ( poker )

Body Language ( blackjack)

Bonanza Bingo

Bone ( poker )

Bones ( craps ) - Another name for dice.

Bonus ( blackjack)

Bonus Feature (slots)

Bonus Game ( keno )

Bonus Multiplier Slots

Bonus Poker (videopoker)

Bonus Video Slots

Book ( bingo ) - A Ticket.

Book ( poker )

Book (general terms )

Book the Action ( blackjack) - To accept a bet for play.

Bookie (general terms ) - A person or organization that sets the lines and books the bets in sports.

Bookie's Hope (general terms )

Bookmaker (Also Bookie) (general terms ) - A business that lays odds and takes bets.

Bookmaker (Bookie) (general terms )

Boost ( poker ) -To raise.

Border Work ( poker )

Boss Hand ( poker ) -[1] 1) The winner of a pot.[2] 2) Any excellent hand.

Bottle (general terms ) - The price of 2-1

Bottom ( poker ) -Card dealt from the bottom of the deck.

Bottom Dealer ( poker )

Bottom Pair ( poker )

Bottom Sheet (general terms ) - A bookmaker's accounting of gambling debts.

Bottom Track (roulette)

Bottoms ( poker ) -Cards dealt from the bottom of the deck.

Bouble Bluff ( poker ) -A bluff made by betting, getting raised, and then re-raising.

Bounty ( poker )

Bounty Tournament ( poker )

Bowl ( keno ) - - The part of the ball machine that holds the balls when the blower is not on.

Bow-Wow (general terms ) - An underdog

Box ( poker )

Box Bet ( lotto )

Box Man ( poker ) -House dealer.

Box the Cards ( blackjack)

Boxcars ( craps ) - 1. Twelve. 2. Betting on the 12.

Boxed ( lotto )

Boxed ( poker ) -Facing the wrong way, usually said of a card in a deck. "Re-deal those, houseman. I see a boxed card."

Boxed Card ( blackjack)

Boxed Card ( poker )

Boxing ( lotto )

Boxman ( craps )

Boxman (general terms ) - The casino employee in charge of the craps table. The boxman sits between the base dealers.

Boy ( poker ) -Jack. "I have three boys" means "I have three of a kind, jacks."

Bp ( blackjack) - The acronym for a Big Player in a team effort.

Bpay ( keno )

Br ( blackjack) - [1] Bankroll. [2] The acronym for Beau Rivage, the casino

Br ( poker ) -Short for Bankroll.

Br (general terms ) - Bankroll

Brag ( poker )

Brain Lock ( blackjack)

Brass Brazilians( poker ) -The nuts; usually preceded by the.

Break ( blackjack)

Break ( poker )

Break (general terms ) - To exceed 21.

Break a Game ( poker )

Break Down the Bet ( blackjack) - To separate a stack of chips into individual piles by color.

Break Down the Deck ( blackjack) - To shuffle the cards.

Break Even ( poker ) -End up, after a playing session, neither winning nor losing, often implying after having been losing.

Break For Action ( poker )

Break it Down ( blackjack) - To place chips into countable piles or to separate them into colors.

Break Off ( poker )

Break Open ( lotto )

Break-in (Dealer) ( blackjack)

Breaking Hand

Breakopen ( bingo )

Brick ( poker )

Bridge ( poker )

Bridge Order ( poker )

Bridge the Chips ( blackjack) - To place the odd chip so that it covers part of two chips.

Brief ( poker )

Brighton Line ( bingo ) - 59

Bring in ( poker )

Bring in a Deck ( poker ) -To substitute a prearranged deck for the one that is supposed to be dealt.

Bring it in ( poker ) -To start the betting on the first round.

Bring it ( poker )

Bring Out ( craps )

Bring-in ( poker )

Broadway ( baccarat ) - An aluminum container to hold the discarded cards. The bucket is in the middle of the layout.

Broadway ( poker ) -An ace high straight. Usually heard only in stud and community-card games.

Broderick Crawford ( poker )

Broke Money ( craps ) - Transportation money given to the broke player by the casino.

Broken Game ( poker )

Broker ( poker )

Brooklyn Forest ( craps ) - Hard six (3&3).

Brush ( poker ) -A card room employee responsible for managing the seating list.

Brush Man ( poker ) -A male brush person.

Brush Off ( poker )

Brush Person ( poker )

Brush-Off ( poker ) -The act of giving a thief a secret sign to leave. "I gave him the brush-off and he left right away."

Bs ( blackjack) - The acronym for Basic Strategy.

Btd ( blackjack) - The acronym for Beat The Dealer by Ed Thorp.

Btw ( blackjack) - The acronym for By The Way.

Bubble ( poker )


Buck the Odds ( poker )

Buckle my Shoe ( bingo ) - 32

Buffalo ( craps ) - Placing a bet on each of the Hard way and Any Seven.

Bug ( poker )

Buick ( poker ) -In lowball, a straight 8. Buick used to build a straight 8 engine.

Build a Game Around ( poker )

Bull ( poker ) -Ace; also bullet.

Bull the Game ( poker ) -1) Bluff a lot. 2) Bet aggressively, regardless of one's cards.

Bullet(s) ( poker ) -Ace(s); also bull.

Bullets ( poker ) -Chips. Also called ammunition.

Bully Johnson ( poker ) -In hold 'em, 3-5 as one's first two cards.

Bum ( poker )

Bump ( poker )

Bump Heads ( poker ) -Two players fight it out for a pot, and both get all their chips in the pot.

Bump into ( blackjack)

Bundle ( poker ) -1) Large bet. "When I checked, he bet a bundle, and I couldn't call." 2) Large bankroll.

Bunny ( poker )

Buried ( poker ) -Losing heavily. "How ya doin'?" "I'm buried."

Buried Pair ( poker ) -A buried pair is a pair in the hole in seven card stud.

Burlington Bertie (general terms ) - The price of 100-30

Burn ( baccarat ) - To discard a number of cards at the beginning of the shoe.


Burn and Turn ( poker )

Burn Card ( poker )

Burn Card (general terms ) - Any card placed in the discard rack without being entered into play.

Burn Joint ( blackjack) - Slang for casino with nearly unbeatable rules.

Burn/Ing Card ( blackjack)

Burned Cards ( baccarat ) - Cards discarded after the decks have been cut and before actual play begins.

Bury ( poker )

Bust ( poker )

Bust (general terms ) - See Break.

Bust a Player ( poker ) -To deprive a player of all his chips; in tournament play, to eliminate a player

Bust Card ( blackjack)

Bust Hand ( poker ) -A hand drawn to and missed.

Bust Out ( poker )

Bust/Busted ("Too many") ( blackjack)

Busted ( poker ) -Having no money or chips.

Busted Flush ( poker ) -A busted hand that missed a draw to a straight or a flush is a busted straight or a busted flush.

Busted Hand ( poker ) -A hand drawn to and missed.

Busted Straight ( poker ) -A missed straight.

Bust-Out Dealer ( blackjack) - A dealer who cheats for the casino.

Bust-Out Joint ( blackjack) - A casino that cheats to survive.

Bust-Out Joint ( poker ) -A crooked gaming establishment.

Button ( poker )

Button (Marker Button) ( blackjack)

Button Charge ( poker )

Buy ( poker )

Buy (general terms ) - A player pays an additional price to receive half a point or more in his favor on a point spread game.

Buy Bets ( craps )

Buy Points (general terms )

Buy Price (general terms ) - The higher figure quoted by an Index bookmaker

Buy Short ( poker ) -Buy less than the minimum required for the game.

Buy the 4 and 10 ( craps )

Buy the Pot ( poker ) -To match the pot.

Buy-in ( blackjack) - To exchange cash money for chips.

Buy-in ( poker )

Buy-in Tournament ( keno )

Buy-your-Pay (slots)

Buzz ( blackjack) - To hustle or ask for a bet for the dealer.

By Me. ( poker ) -I check" or "I pass.


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