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C ( poker ) -Clubs (the suit), in written text. Kc, for example, is the king of clubs (K ).

C.H.O.R.S.E ( poker )

C.H.O.R.S.E.L ( poker )

Caesar ( poker ) -The king of diamonds.

Caf (general terms ) - Confederation of African Football.


Cage Girl ( poker ) -A female cashier.

Cage Man ( poker ) -A cashier of the male persuasion.

Cage Person ( poker )

Caille Gum Vendor (slots)

Calamity Jane ( poker )

Calcutta (general terms )

California ( poker )

California Blind ( poker ) -Bet-or-fold, double limit draw poker (high), open on anything, with three traveling blinds.

California Draw ( poker )

California Game ( poker ) -Any of the games played in the California games section of a card room or casino.

California Games ( poker )

California Lowball ( poker )


Call Attendant (slots) -You have won and ask for a comp at that time.

Call Bet

Call Cold ( poker ) -To call a bet and raise at once.

Call For Insurance ( blackjack)

Call Someone Down ( poker )

Called Hand ( poker )


Calling Hand ( poker )

Calling Station ( poker )

Callman ( baccarat ) - The dealer who runs or calls the game of baccarat.

Camouflage ( blackjack) - An action which is intended to hide the fact that a player is counting cards.

Canadian (Super Yankee) (general terms ) - 5 selections, 26 bets - 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-timers, 1 accumulator.

Canadian Line (general terms ) - A combination point spread and moneyline in hockey.

Cancel ( keno )

Cancellation Betting System (roulette)

Candy Store ( bingo ) - 74

Canine ( poker ) -In hold 'em, K-9 as one's first two cards. Also, pedigree.

Can't Beat the Board ( poker )

Cap ( poker )

Cap/Ing, Capping of Bets ( blackjack)

Capable ( poker ) -Having the ability to cheat. "Is he capable?" means "Is he a thief or mechanic?".

Capitola. ( poker ) -Saying, often said by California dealers, that means "The betting is capped".

Capped ( poker ) -Describing the situation in which the maximum number of raises in a round of betting have been made.

Capped Dice ( craps ) - Crooked dice.

Capper ( poker ) -The chip used to cap the deck.

Capping a Bet (roulette) -Illegally adding more chips to a bet that has already won. It is a form of Past Posting.

Cappuccino. ( poker ) -Saying, often said by dealers, that means "The betting is capped."


Card Club ( poker ) -A card room.

Card Counter ( blackjack) - A person who card counts by assigning numerical values to the cards ( see Card Counting )

Card Counting

Card Dauber ( poker ) -Someone who marks cards.

Card Down

Card Eating ( blackjack)

Card Mechanic ( poker ) -A cheat who manipulates the deck.

Card Mob ( poker ) -Two or more cheaters working together in a card game.

Card Money ( poker ) -Money allocated by a gambler for playing at cards; bankroll.

Card Play ( poker ) -Playing at cards. Also, carding.

Card Player ( poker ) -The premier magazine devoted to card playing.

Card Playing ( poker ) -Playing at cards. Also, carding, card play.

Card Rack ( poker )

Card Room ( poker )

Card Sense ( poker )

Card Shark ( poker )

Card Smith ( poker ) -A card player, particular one who plays for a living.

Card Table ( poker )

Card Wrench ( poker )

Carder ( poker ) -One who plays cards, particularly a professional.

Card-Holder ( poker ) -A player who seems to get more good hands than random chance would dictate.

Card-Hustler ( poker ) -Card thief.

Carding ( poker )

Card-Room License ( poker )

Cards ( poker )

Cards Break Even ( poker )

Cards Speak ( poker )

Cardsharping ( poker ) -The Cheating at cards.

Caribbean Stud ( poker )

Caribbean Stud (general terms ) - A five-card poker game with all players playing against the house.

Carousel (slots) -[1] A group of slot machines. [2] The area provided by the casino for a group of Bally $1 machines.

Carpet (general terms ) - The price of 3-1

Carpet Joint ( blackjack)

Carpet Joint ( poker ) -A well-appointed casino or card room, as opposed to a sawdust joint. Also called rug joint.

Carpet Store ( blackjack) - A higher class casino than a "sawdust joint", because it has carpet on the floor.

Carré (roulette) -French term for the Corner Bet.

Carry a Slug ( poker )

Carry Over

Case ( poker )

Case Bet ( blackjack) - A bet with the player.

Case Bet ( poker ) -A gambler's last bet, when he has lost his bankroll or stake.

Case Card ( blackjack) - The last card of a denomination left in the deck. Usually used as a poker term.

Case Card ( poker ) -The last card of a denomination or suit, when the rest have already been seen.

Case Chips ( poker ) -A player's last chips.

Case Money ( poker ) -The last of a gambler's bankroll or stake.

Case Money (general terms ) - Emergency money.

Cash Ball ( bingo )

Cash in ( poker ) -To leave the game and convert one's chips to cash, either with the dealer or at the cage.

Cash Lotto

Cash Option ( lotto ) - A large jackpot that the winner elects to receive as a lump sum cash payment rather than an annuity.

Cash Out ( poker ) -To leave a game and cash in one's chips at the cage.

Cash Out Button (videopoker)

Cash Payoff ( lotto )

Cash Threshold ( keno ) - A pay out limit, beyond which, payment is completed by check.

Cashier ( blackjack)

Cash-in-Prize ( bingo )

Casing the Layout ( blackjack)


Casino Advantage (roulette)

Casino Cage ( poker )

Casino Checks ( craps ) - The casino's term for chips issued by the house.

Casino Chowaha ( poker )

Casino Host

Casino Manager ( blackjack) - The person who manages all phases of the casino operations.

Casino Manager (roulette) -The person responsible for seeing that the games of a given casino are handled properly

Casino Night ( bingo )

Cat ( poker ) -Any one of big tiger, little tiger, big cat, little cat.

Cat Flush ( poker )

Cat Hop ( poker )

Catbird Seat ( poker )

Catch ( keno ) - To catch a number means that a number you have marked on your keno ticket has been drawn.

Catch ( poker )

Catch (Heat / Card) ( blackjack)

Catch Inside ( poker )

Catch Outside ( poker )

Catch Perfect ( poker )

Catch Rough ( poker )

Catch Smooth ( poker )

Catch-All ( keno ) - A keno game that requires you to catch all of the numbers you have marked on your ticket.

Catch-Zero ( keno ) - A keno game that requires you to catch none of the numbers you have marked on your ticket.

Cats and Dogs ( poker )

Caught in the Middle ( poker )

Caught Speeding ( poker ) -Slang for caught bluffing.

Cbfs (general terms ) - Cricketers Benefit Fund Series.

Cbjn ( blackjack)

Cc ( blackjack) - 1. The acronym for Card Counting. 2. The acronym for Circus Circus, a casino.

Ccc (general terms ) - County Cricket Club.

Cecil (C-Note) ( blackjack) - A $100 bill

Cellar ( poker )

Cellar Dealer ( poker )

Center Dealer ( poker ) -The House dealer.

Center Field ( craps ) - Betting that the next roll will be the total sum of 9 (5&4)

Center Pot ( poker )

Century ( poker ) -A $100 bill.

Century Note ( poker ) -A $100 bill.

Cfp (general terms ) - Chess Federation of Palostan.

C-Game ( poker ) -Any low-stakes game, generally the third highest in a given establishment.

Cgf (general terms ) - Commonwealth Games Federation.

Chalk (general terms ) - The team favored to win.

Chalk Eater (general terms )

Chalk Player (general terms )

Chameleon Strategy (roulette)

Chance ( poker )

Chances ( poker )

Change Boy / Girl / Person (slots)

Change Color ( craps ) - Changing casino chips into smaller or larger denomination.

Change Color ( poker )

Change Gears ( poker )

Change List ( poker )

Change of Color ( poker )

Change-in ( poker )

Charlemagne ( poker ) -The king of hearts.

Charles ( poker ) -The king of hearts. May come from Charlemagne, or King Charles VII of France.

Charles Fey (slots) -Inventor of the original slot machine "Liberty Bell" of San Francisco.

Charlie ( poker ) -The third position to the left of the dealer. Sometimes called just C.


Chasing Losses (roulette) -Increasing your bets in order to recoup what you've lost. Not a good way to play.

Cheat ( poker )

Cheater ( poker ) -One who employs cheating techniques; A thief.

Cheaters ( poker ) -Marked decks.

Cheating ( blackjack)

Cheating Device ( poker ) -A mechanical device for cheating, such as a holdout machine. Also called tool.


Check and Raise ( poker )

Check Blind ( poker )

Check Cashing Card ( poker )

Check Cop ( poker )

Check Copper ( poker ) -A thief whose specialty is stealing chips from pots or other players, usually by palming them.

Check Dark ( poker )

Check in the Dark ( poker )

Check Rack ( poker ) -A box, or tray, that has indentations to neatly hold chips in (often five) stacks.

Check Rack (roulette) -The tray that hold the chips for a game. Also, known as a chip rack or chip tray.

Check Raise ( poker )

Checker ( poker )

Check-Rack ( poker )


Checks Play ( blackjack)

Cheese ( poker ).

Chemin De Fer ( baccarat ) - The European version of baccarat, where players bet among themselves.

Chemmy ( baccarat ) - The English slang term for chemin de fer.

Cheval (roulette) -French for Split bet.

Chicago ( poker )

Chicago Bankroll ( poker )

Chinese Poker Dictionary ( poker ) -13-card-stud.

Chingaderos ( poker ) -The nuts; usually preceded by the.

Chip ( poker )

Chip (general terms ) - Name given to the tokens used at the gaming tables.

Chip Along ( poker )

Chip Copper ( poker ) -A thief whose specialty is stealing chips from pots or other players, usually by palming them.

Chip Declaration ( poker )

Chip Girl ( poker )

Chip in ( poker )

Chip Person ( poker )

Chip Race ( poker )

Chip Rack ( poker ) -A box, or tray, that has indentations to neatly hold chips in (often five) stacks.

Chip Runner ( blackjack) - A person who carries chips from the cage to the table.

Chip Runner ( poker )

Chip the Pot ( poker ) -Take a portion of the pot to cover expenses.

Chip Tray ( poker ) -A box, or tray, that has indentations to neatly hold chips in (often five) stacks.

Chip Up ( poker ) -To exchange one's chips for ones of higher value.

Chippers ( poker )

Chippies ( poker )

Chip-Rack ( poker )


Chips Declare ( poker )

Choice Pots ( poker ) -An announcement, in a home game, by the dealer that the next hand will be dealer's choice.

Chop ( poker )

Chop a Game ( poker ) -Play for a short time in a game, win a lot of chips, and cash out.

Chop it Up. ( poker ) -An announcement by a player or dealer that the result of the current showdown is a split pot.

Chop the Blinds ( poker )

Chop-Chop ( poker )

Chopper ( poker )

Chopping ( poker ) -Playing briefly in each of several games, usually successfully in each.

Choppy ( craps )

Choppy Game (roulette)

Chowaha ( poker )

Christmas Cake ( bingo ) - 38

Chump ( poker ) -Inexperienced poker player, sucker.

Chunking ( blackjack)

Churn (general terms ) - The effect of betting and re-betting money.

Chute ( poker )

Chute Number 1 ( poker )

Cigarette Pot ( poker )

Cinch ( poker ) -The lock.

Cinch Hand ( poker ) -To lock. Often just cinch.

Cinch Player ( poker ) -One who plays only the nuts (usually used in a derisive sense).

Cincinnati ( poker )


Circle Game

Cism (general terms ) - Council of International Military Sports.

C-I-X ( poker )

Class ( poker ) -Rank of hands.

Clean ( poker )

Clean Dealer ( poker ) -Smooth and efficient dealer, usually said of a professional dealer.

Clean Money ( blackjack)

Clean Move ( poker )

Clean Out ( poker ) -Win all the money from one or more opponents, or from a game.

Clean the Floor ( bingo ) - 54

Clean Up ( poker )

Clerk ( blackjack)

Clerk ( poker ) -Smooth and efficient dealer, usually said of a professional dealer.

Clicketty Click ( bingo ) - 66

Clip ( poker ) -A cheating device to hold a card up a sleeve or under a table.

Clip Joint ( poker ) -An illegal card room or casino whose denizens include thieves, usually with the consent of the house.

Clock-in (Out) ( blackjack)

Clocking (roulette)


Close to the Chest ( poker )

Close to the Vest ( poker )

Closed Card ( poker ) -Downcard.

Closed Game ( poker )

Closed Hand ( poker )

Closed Poker Dictionary ( poker ) -Games in which all of the cards are dealt face down.

Closing Line (general terms ) - The final list of point spreads offered before game time.

Club ( poker ) -1) Any card in the clubs suit.2) Public card room.

Club Poker Dictionary

Club Stakes ( poker ) -Posted rules regarding wagering, usually found in licensed card rooms.

Clubs ( poker )

Clump ( blackjack)

Clumper / Clumping ( blackjack)

Cm ( blackjack) - The acronym for Chinese Mafia, an expression used by Atlantic City locals to describe slot fleas.

C-Note ( poker ) -A $100 bill.

Coat Card ( poker )

Coaxer ( poker )

Cockle (general terms ) - The price of 10/1

Cocktail Waitress ( blackjack) - Casino employees who distribute free mind-altering beverages to blackjack players.

Coffee Housing ( poker ) -An attempt to mislead opponents about one's hand by means of devious speech or behavior.

Coffee Pot ( poker )

Coffeehouse ( poker )

Coin Door ( bingo )

Coinless Machine (videopoker)

Coins Size (slots)

Cojones ( poker ) -The nuts, usually preceded by loss. (Pronounced co-HO-nayss.)

Cold ( blackjack) - Term used to describe a losing cycle of hands.

Cold ( poker )

Cold Bluff ( poker ) -A large bluff made on a weak hand.

Cold Call ( poker ) -To call a raise without having already put the initial bet into the pot.

Cold Deck ( poker )

Cold Dice ( craps ) - Dice that aren't passing.

Cold Game ( poker ) -Dishonest card game.

Cold Table ( craps ) - When shooters are not making their Points.

Cold Table (roulette) -Any table where you and/or other players have been losing.

Cold Twenty (Turkey) ( blackjack)

Cold-Deck ( poker ) -To deal a cold deck; usually to someone. "Those bastards cold-decked me."

Cold-Decker ( poker ) -Thief, generally one who prepares or introduces into a game a cold deck.

Collection ( poker ) -Time.

Collection Drop ( poker ) -Drop.

Collusion ( poker )

Colonne (roulette) -The French term for Column Bet.

Color ( blackjack)

Color Change

Color For Color ( blackjack)

Color Up


Columbia River ( poker ) -In hold' em, K-7 as one's first two cards.

Column Bet (roulette)

Comb ( baccarat ) - Another term for Lace: To randomly place cards into a stack of cards one at a time.

Combination (general terms )

Combination (Way) Ticket ( keno )

Combination Bet (roulette) -Using one or more chips in the same position to wager on more than one number at a time.

Combo ( lotto )

Comdex ( blackjack)


Come Back at ( poker )

Come Back on ( poker )

Come Bet ( craps ) - A wager placed after the come-out roll that the dice will pass.

Come Bet ( poker ) -A bet made on the come.

Come Bet (general terms )

Come Box ( craps ) - The area on the craps layout where Come bets are placed.

Come Down ( poker )

Come Hand ( poker ) -A hand which must improve in order to have a realistic shot is a come hand.

Come in ( poker ) -Call, usually referring to any betting round but the last.

Come in Cold ( poker ) -Call a bet and one or more raises without yet having any money in the pot.

Come in For a Raise ( poker ) -Open for more than the minimum. In a limit game, this means open for two bets.

Come in Light ( poker ) -Get into a pot with a poor hand.

Come in on the Blind ( poker )

Come Line (general terms ) - Area on the craps table where Come Bets are placed.

Come Off ( poker )

Come Out Roll ( craps ) - The first roll of the dice in a betting round is called the "come out" roll.

Come Over the Top ( poker ) -To raise or re-raise an opponent's bet.

Come-Out Roll (general terms )

Coming of Age ( bingo ) - 18

Commission ( baccarat )

Commission ( lotto )

Commission Box ( baccarat ) - Where the lammers are placed to indicate the amount owed by the players for all bank wins.

Commit Fully ( poker ) -To put in as many chips as necessary to play your hand to the river, even if they're your case chips.

Common Card ( poker ) -One card dealt to the center of the table and considered part of each active player's hand.

Community Cards ( poker )

Community Pot ( poker ) -Family pot.

Comoque ( poker )

Comoquer ( poker ) -In lowball, a card that pairs one in your hand. "I drew to a bicycle and caught a comoquer."


Complete Bluff ( poker )

Complete Hand

Complete the Bet ( poker )

Complimentary ( blackjack) - On the House".

Complimentary Play ( poker )

Composition Dependent Strategy

Comps (videopoker)

Computer Forecast (general terms )

Computer Hand ( poker )

Computer Selection Table (slots)

Computer Ticket ( keno ) - A keno ticket generated by a computer.

Concave ( poker ) -A card trimmed such that its middles are narrower than its ends.

Concave Card ( poker ) -A card trimmed such that its middles are narrower than its ends.

Concealed ( poker )

Concealed Hand ( poker )

Concealed Pair ( poker ) -In stud, a pair, both cards of which are among a player's first two down cards.

Conditional Bet (general terms )

Conditioning ( keno )

Conditions ( keno )

Confederate ( poker ) -An accomplice or partner of a thief.

Connector ( poker )

Consecutive Declaration ( poker )

Conservative ( poker )

Consolation(s) ( bingo )

Continuous Design ( lotto ) - A set of tickets that while connected form a continuous picture.

Convert ( blackjack)

Convex ( poker ) -A card trimmed such that its middles are narrower than its ends.

Convex Card ( poker ) -A card trimmed such that its middles are narrower than its ends.


Cop ( blackjack) - Palming a chip off the top of a stack of chips (to cop a chip).

Cop Checks ( poker ) -Steal chips out of pots, usually done by a check cop.

Cornbred ( craps )

Corner Bend ( poker ) -A crimp on the corner of a card, for identification by a cheat.

Corner Bet (roulette)

Corner Seat ( poker ) -In a game dealt by a house dealer, either one of the two seats next to the dealer.

Correct Conditioning ( keno ) - The writing of a ticket to correspond with the exact wishes of the player.

Correct Score (general terms ) - A wager that involves correctly predicting the final score of a game.

Cosmetics ( poker )

Count ( blackjack)

Count Down

Count Down the Deck ( blackjack)

Count Down the Stub ( poker )

Count Someone Down ( poker )

Countdown Hand ( poker )

Counter ( blackjack)

Counter ( poker ) -An old term for a chip.

Counterfeit ( poker )

Counterfeited ( poker )

Counting System ( blackjack)

Country Straight ( poker )

Coup ( baccarat ) - French for a round of play.

Coupon ( blackjack)

Couponomy ( blackjack)

Courchevel ( poker )

Course" Betting (general terms ) - Usually applied to bets made in betting shops in accordance with pre-race odds.

Court Card ( poker ) -A jack, queen or king.

Courtesy Bet ( poker )

Courtesy Play ( poker )

Cover ( baccarat ) - In chemin de fer, to cover all or part of the bank bet. Also called fade.


Cover Bet ( blackjack)

Cover Play ( blackjack)

Cover the Bank Bet ( baccarat ) - In chemin de fer, to cover all or part of the bank bet. Also called fade.

Cover the Bet ( blackjack) - To accept a bet for play. "Book the action".

Cover to Win (general terms )

Coverall ( bingo ) - This is a pattern where you must cover all numbers on the card to win.

Covering the Spread (general terms ) - Beating the posted point spread.

Cow ( poker )

Cow Up ( poker )

Cowboy ( poker ) -A king.

Cp ( blackjack) - The acronym for Caesars Palace, a casino.

Crab ( poker ) -Three (the card); so called because a 3 looks like it has pincers.

Crabs ( poker ) -In hold 'em, 3-3 as one's first two cards.

Crack ( poker ) -To beat a powerful hand.

Cracked ( poker ) -Beat, referring to a particular hand.

Crank ( poker ) -Start a game; usually followed by up.

Crank it Up ( poker ) -Play fast, that is, lively or loosely.

Crank One Up ( poker ) -Start a new game.

Crap - The numbers 2, 3 and 12.

Crap Out (general terms ) - Rolling a Crap (2, 3, or 12) on the come-out roll.

Crap(s) Out - Rolling a 2, 3 or 12 on the come-out roll.

Craps - A term for the numbers 2, 3 and 12.

Craps (general terms ) - Dice term for 2, 3, and 12. Crew: Dice/Craps dealers assigned to the game.

Craps Rules of Play ( craps ) - See Craps Rules in the How-To-Play Section.

Crayon ( keno ) - Used by a keno player to mark numbers on a ticket. Similar to a child's crayon, but usually black.

Crazy Pineapple ( poker )

Credit Bet (general terms ) - A bet accepted by a bookmaker where no cash has been deposited.

Credit Limit (general terms )

Credit Line ( blackjack)

Credit Line (roulette) -The amount of credit a player is allowed by a given casino.

Credit Manager (roulette) -The person in charge of determining casino credits for the player.

Credit Meter (slots)

Credits (videopoker)

Crew ( craps ) - The dealers who staff the craps table.

Crew (roulette) -Personnel who man a game.

Crier ( poker ) -One who complains a lot while playing, usually about his bad luck.

Crimp ( blackjack) - To put a bend in the cards in order to mark them for the purpose of cheating.

Crimp ( poker ) -Bend one or more cards in such a way as to force the deck to be cut to the spot desired by a cheat.

Crimp Artist ( poker ) -A cheat who crimps cards.

Crimper ( poker ) -A cheat who crimps cards.

Cripple ( poker )

Criss-Cross ( poker ) -X marks the spot.

Critter ( blackjack) - See Pit critter.

Cross Bet (general terms )

Cross Roader ( blackjack) - Term for a professional card cheat. Also "cheat", "hustler", "con man" or "scam artist".

Crossfire ( poker )

Crossroader ( poker )

Crossroader (roulette) -A casino cheat.

Croupier ( baccarat ) - The French term for dealer.

Croupier ( blackjack) - A French word for dealer.

Croupier (general terms ) - Term mainly used when referring to roulette and sometimes baccarat dealers.

Croupier (roulette) -French term for roulette wheel operator or dealer.

Cry ( poker ) -Complain a lot while playing.

Crying Call ( poker ) -A call made with little chance of ultimately winning, but marginally better than an immediate fold.

Crying Winner ( poker )

Csm ( blackjack)

Ctr ( blackjack) - The acronym for Currency Transaction Report.

Cts ( blackjack) - The acronym for Casino Tournament Strategy, book by Stanford Wong.

Cull ( poker )

Cumulative Odds (general terms )

Cup of Tea ( bingo ) - 3

Curse of Mexico ( poker ) -The two of spades.


Cut Card

Cut Checks ( blackjack)

Cut For High Card ( poker )

Cut For the Deal ( poker ) -Cut cards to see which player will be dealt the first hand.

Cut into ( blackjack)

Cut it Up ( poker ) -To split the pot after a tie.

Cut Out ( poker ) -1) Split out. 2) Terminate a partnership.

Cut Someone Out ( poker ) -Split out.

Cut Someone Up ( poker )

Cut the Cards

Cut the Deck

Cut the Game ( poker ) -Take a portion of the pot to cover expenses.

Cut the Game Down ( poker )

Cut the Pot ( poker ) -Take a portion of the pot to cover expenses.

Cut Tokes ( blackjack) - To divide the tokes made by the dealers in an equitable manner.

Cut Up ( poker ) -Split out.

Cutoff Seat ( poker ) -The position to the right of the button, particularly when the button plays in a given hand.

Cut-Off(s) Cards ( blackjack)

Cutout ( poker ) -A card marked by scraping its back or otherwise removing some of the ink.

Cutout Work ( poker ) -Markings placed on cards by scraping off part of the design on their backs.

Cutter ( poker ) -The person who cuts the deck.

Cutthroat Game ( poker )

Cutthroat Poker Dictionary

Cutting ( poker ) -Performing a cut (of the deck, prior to dealing).

Cutting Cards ( poker )

Cutting the Cards ( poker )

Cv ( blackjack)

Cvsim ( blackjack)

Cw ( blackjack) - An abbreviation for Cocktail Waitress.

Cycle (videopoker)


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