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Fa (general terms ) - Football Association.

Faab (general terms ) - Federation of Asian Ameteur Boxing

Fab Four ( blackjack)

Face ( bingo ) - Is the individual bingo sheet containing 24 numbers plus the free space in the middle.

Face ( poker )

Face Card

Face Down (Game) ( blackjack)

Face Up (Game) ( blackjack)

Factory Defect ( poker )

Fade ( baccarat ) - In chemin de fer, to cover all or part of the bank bet. Also called cover or cover the bank.

Fair Game (roulette) -A game where neither the house nor the player has the edge. Roulette is not a Fair Game.

Fall Guy (general terms ) - A guilty or innocent person who accepts the full blame for a crime in order to protect others.

False Cut ( poker )

False Openers ( poker )

False Shuffle ( blackjack)

Family Pot ( poker )

Fan ( poker )

Faq ( blackjack) - The acromym for Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers.

Farm ( poker )

Fast ( poker )

Fast Action ( poker ) -The state of a fast game.

Fast Game ( poker ) -One with a lot of action, that is, with lots of betting, raising, and re-raising from most of the players.

Fast Pace ( poker )

Fast Peek ( poker )

Fast Player ( poker )

Fast Shuffle ( poker )

Fat ( poker )

Fatten ( poker )

Favorite ( poker ) -Before all the cards are dealt, a hand that figures to be the winner.

Favorite (general terms )

Favorite Bet ( keno ) - A bet selected by the player as being one that they would like stored for future re-use.

Favourite (general terms )

Feed ( poker )

Feed the Kitty ( poker )

Feed the Pot ( poker ) -Bet or call foolishly, or knowing that one is taking the worst of it. Also, feed the kitty.

Feeler ( poker ) -A small bet made to see if anyone will raise or to determine who will just call.

Feeler Bet ( poker ) -A small bet made to see if anyone will raise or to determine who will just call.

Felt ( poker )

Fence Hopper ( poker )

Fence Jumper ( poker )

Fever ( poker )

Fey, Charles (slots) -Inventor of the original slot machine "Liberty Bell" of San Francisco.

Fiba (general terms ) - International Basketball Federation.

Fibonacci ( blackjack)

Fibonacci Betting System (roulette)

Fide (general terms ) - Federation International Dess Chess.


Field Bet ( craps )

Fifa (general terms ) - Federation Internationale de Football Association.

Fifth Street ( poker ) -In flop games, the final round of betting and the fifth community card on the board.

Fifty Cents (general terms ) - $50.00

Figure ( poker ) -Face card

Figure (general terms ) - Amount of money owed to or by a bookmaker.

Fih (general terms ) - Federation Internationale de Hockey.

Filet ( poker ) -Full house.

Filet Gumbo ( poker ) -Full house.


Fill in ( poker ) -To draw a card that makes a five-card hand (straight, flush, full house, straight flush). "I filled in the flush."

Fill Up ( poker ) -To make a full house either from trips or two pair.

Filly ( poker ) -Full house.

Filly (general terms ) - Female horse up to four years old

Fin ( poker ) -$5.

Final Four

Final Table ( poker )

Finger Poker Dictionary ( poker ) -A poker game in which players play on credit.

Finky Dink ( poker ) -In hold 'em, 8-5 as one's first two cards.

Finsky ( poker ) -$5.

Fip (general terms ) - Federation Internationale de Polo.

Fire ( poker )

Firing (general terms ) - Betting a lot. A player who is "firing" is wagering large sums.

First Ace ( poker )

First Base

First Baseman ( blackjack)

First Break ( poker )

First Goalscorer (general terms ) - A bet placed on a player to score the first goal in a game.

First Jack ( poker )

First Tryscorer (general terms ) - A bet placed on a player to score the first try in the match.

Fish ( poker ) -A player who loses money.

Fishhooks ( poker ) -Slang for Jacks.

Fivb (general terms ) - Federation Internationale de Volleyball

Five Aces ( poker ) -In any wild-card game, some combination of cards all of the same rank plus one or more wild cards.

Five and Dime ( poker )

Five Dozen ( bingo ) - 60

Five of a Kind ( poker )

Five-Card Charlie ( blackjack) - Any five-card blackjack hand that totals 21 or less.

Five-Card Draw ( poker ) -1) Draw poker. 2) High draw poker, often called just draw.

Five-Card Option ( poker )

Five-Card Stud ( poker ) -A poker game, stud poker with one card dealt face down followed by four cards dealt face up

Five-Minute Rule ( poker )

Five-Number Bet (roulette)

Five-Way Hand ( poker )

Five-Way Straight ( poker )

Fix ( poker ) -To arrange a deck to give one player a huge advantage.

Fixed (general terms ) - Point shaving. Never say to a client that a game is fixed!

Fixed Deck ( poker ) -A deck that has been arranged to give one player a huge advantage.

Fixed Game (general terms ) - A game in which one or more participants willfully manipulate the final outcome of a game.

Fixed Limit ( poker ) -A betting structure where the amount of each bet is a specific fixed quantity.

Fixed Odds (general terms )

Fixed Payouts ( lotto )

Flag (general terms )

Flash ( poker )

Flashboard ( keno )

Flat ( poker )

Flat Betting ( blackjack)

Flat Bettor (roulette) -A player who never varies the size of his bets, and bets the same amount each time.

Flat Call ( poker ) -To call a bet without raising.

Flat Joint ( poker ) -A crooked gaming establishment. Also bust-out joint. Opposite of right joint.

Flat Limit ( poker ) -A betting limit in a poker game that does not escalate from one round to the next.

Flat Shop ( poker ) -A crooked gaming establishment. Also bust-out joint. Opposite of right joint.

Flat Store ( poker ) -A crooked gaming establishment. Also bust-out joint. Opposite of right joint.

Flat Top (videopoker)

Flatten ( poker ) -Turn a formerly honest card room into a flat shop.


Flimsies ( bingo )

Flip (general terms ) - To turn state's evidence.

Float (general terms ) - The table bank.

Floating Advantage ( blackjack)

Floor ( poker ) -See floor person.

Floor Man ( poker )

Floor Person ( poker )

Flooring ( blackjack)

Floorman ( blackjack) - A casino executive who supervises a portion of a pit, usually under the direction of a pit boss.

Floorman (general terms ) - A casino employee who is part of the management team.

Floorman (roulette) -Individual responsible for supervising several tables in the pit.

Floormen ( craps )

Flop ( poker )

Flop Game ( poker ) -Any of a number of poker games where a flop is dealt.

Fluctuation in Probability (roulette)

Fluctuations ( blackjack) - This word describes the ups and downs of your bankroll. Sometimes abbreviated as "flucs".

Flush ( poker ) -A poker hand consisting of five cards all one suit.

Flush (videopoker) -A hand containing five cards in the same suit like 4h-5h-6h-7h-8h.

Flush Draw ( poker ) -Having four cards of the same suit, and hoping to draw a fifth to make a flush.

Flushing ( poker ) -Drawing to a flush. "I knew you had a straight. I was flushing, but I missed."

Fluss ( poker ) -A poker hand consisting of five cards all one suit.

Flux ( poker ) -A poker hand consisting of five cards all one suit.

Foal (general terms )

Foamy Cleanser ( poker ) -In hold 'em, A-J as one's down cards. Also (and from whose advertising slogan it comes), Ajax.

Foil the Cut ( poker )

Fold ( poker )

Fold Out of Turn ( poker )

Follow the Queen ( poker )

Follow the Rabbit ( poker )

Foot ( poker ) -Poor hand. "I got a hand like a foot."

Foot Rail ( bingo )

Football ( poker ) -A wild-card game with 6s and 3s wild. The game is similar to baseball.

Foots (general terms ) - Slang word used sometimes for football.

Force ( poker )

Forced Bet ( poker )

Forced Blind ( poker )

Forced Raise ( poker )

Forced-Move Game ( poker )

Forceful ( poker ) -A full house consisting of three 4s and another pair.

Forecast (general terms )

Foreign Chip ( blackjack)

Forest ( poker ) -Three 3s. (A bunch of trees.)

Form (general terms )

Forward Games ( keno ) - Consecutive future Keno games bet upon in advance.

Forward Motion ( poker )

Fossil ( poker ) -An elderly poker player (derogatory).

Foul ( poker )

Foul Hand ( poker )

Foundation ( poker )

Four and Seven ( bingo ) - 47

Four Card Flush (videopoker) -A hand containing four cards in the same suit like 4h-5h-6h-7h-A.

Four Card Inside Straight (videopoker)

Four Card Inside Straight Flush (videopoker)

Four Card Royal Flush (videopoker)

Four Card Sequential Royal Flush (videopoker)

Four Card Straight (videopoker) -Four cards in an open-ended sequence, not all in the same suit like 4h-5d-6s-7h-A

Four Card Straight Flush (videopoker) -Four cards in the same suit in an open-ended sequence like 4h-5h-6h-7h-A.

Four Dozen ( bingo ) - 48

Four Flush ( poker ) -Four cards to a flush.

Four Majors (general terms )

Four of a Kind ( poker ) -Four cards of the same denomination.

Four of a Kind (videopoker) -A hand containing four cards of the same denomination like 10-10-10-10-K.

Four-Card Flush ( poker )

Four-Card Rush ( poker )

Four-Card Straight ( poker )

Four-Color Deck ( poker )

Four-Flusher ( poker )

Fours ( poker ) -Four of a kind.

Four-Spot ( poker ) -A 4 (the card).

Four-Straight ( poker )

Fourth Street ( poker )

Four-Way Hand ( poker )

Four-Way Straight ( poker )

Fractional Rate Ticket ( keno ) - A ticket played for some fraction of the normal rate. Normally only used on a way ticket.

Freak ( poker ) -The joker or a wild card.

Freak Draw ( poker )

Freak Hand ( poker ) -A nonstandard poker hand, as a blaze, skip straight, big dog, little tiger, and so on.

Free Card ( poker ) -A card that a player gets without having to call a bet.

Free Look ( poker )

Free Odds ( craps )

Free Peek ( poker ) -Free look. "How come the free peek is always in the last position?"

Free Play ( keno ) - A keno win that pays no money, but lets you play your bet again.

Free Ride ( poker ) -To stay in a hand without being forced to bet.

Free Space ( bingo )

Free-Odds-Bet ( craps )

Freeroll ( poker )

Free-Roll Tournament ( poker )

Freeze ( poker ) -Stand pat in draw poker, that is, refuse on the draw to replace any cards.

Freeze-Out ( poker )

Freeze-Out Tournament ( poker )

French Wheel (roulette)

Friendly Game ( poker )

From Here to There ( poker )

Front ( poker )

Front Line ( craps ) - A casino term for Pass Line.

Front Line (general terms ) - See Pass Line.

Front Line Winner ( craps ) - Betting that the next roll will be the number of 7 (5&2).

Front Loader ( blackjack)

Front Loading ( blackjack) - To glimpse the dealer's hole card and use the information for playing your hand.

Front Man (general terms )

Front Money (roulette) -Money previously deposited in the cage and used by the player to draw markers.

Front Peek ( poker )

Full ( poker ) -1) Full house. "I've got a full." 2) Having a full house. "I've got a flush; whadda you have? "I'm full."

Full Bet ( poker )

Full Boat ( poker ) -Full House.

Full Buy ( poker ) -A buy-in equivalent to at least the minimum requirement for the particular game.

Full Deck ( poker )

Full Hand ( poker ) -A hand consisting of 3-of-a-kind and a (different) pair.

Full House ( poker ) -A hand consisting of 3-of-a-kind and a (different) pair.

Full House (videopoker) -Three of a kind plus a pair like 10-10-K-K-K.

Full of ( poker )

Full Pack ( poker )

Full Pay (videopoker)

Full Pay Machine

Full Table ( poker ) -A table whose every seat is occupied. The term is usually used only in card rooms.

Full Wrap ( poker )

Future Bet

Fuzz ( poker )

Fuzz the Deck ( poker )

Fwiw ( blackjack) - The acronym for For What It's Worth.

Fyi ( blackjack)- The acronym for For Your Information.


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