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K ( poker ) -Abbreviation for a king, usually found only in written text about cards.

Kankakee ( poker )

Kansas City ( poker )

Kansas City Lowball ( poker )

Katie ( poker ) -In hold 'em, K-T as one's first two cards.

Katy ( poker ) -In hold 'em, K-T as one's first two cards.

K-Boy ( poker ) -King (the card).

Keep Honest ( poker ) -To call an opponent on the river, even though you believe he has a better hand than you do.

Keep it or Shove it ( poker )

Keep Someone Honest ( poker )

Kelly Betting ( blackjack)

Kellys Eye ( bingo ) - 1

Kelter ( poker )

Kem ( poker ) -A brand of plastic cards; usually followed by deck or cards


Keno Balls - Similar to bingo balls or ping pong balls. Numbered 1-80.

Keno Blank ( keno )

Keno Board

Keno Computer

Keno Counter - The counter where players place their wagers and collect their winnings.

Keno Draw Simulator - A device used to produce a sequence of random numbers.

Keno Lounge - The main area within a casino where keno is played.

Keno Prize - Fixed amount paid for a Ticket achieving a specific outcome.

Keno Runner - A casino employee who shuttles your keno bet from wherever you are to the keno writer, and also delivers payment for winning tickets.

Keno Terminal - Device used by Operator to provide Keno Gaming.

Keno Writer - The casino employee who collects the bet, writes the duplicate ticket, and pays off winners at keno.

Key Card ( poker ) -The one card that will make your hand.

Key Hand ( poker ) -In a tournament, the hand that proves to be a turning point, for better or worse.

Key of the Door ( bingo ) - 21

Keyzard ( poker ) -A card, particularly the card someone needs; comes from Sacramento card room double talk.

Kibitz ( poker ) -Watch someone play, or stand and watch a game, often from the rail.

Kibitzer ( poker ) -A non-playing spectator; a railbird.

Kick ( poker )

Kick it ( poker ) -To raise.

Kicker ( poker )

Kicker Trouble ( poker )

Kill ( poker )

Kill Game ( poker )

Kill Pot ( poker )

Killed Pot ( poker ) -A pot that has been killed.

Kilter ( poker )

King ( poker ) -A face card, the one that ranks between the queen and the ace.

King Crab ( poker )

King High ( poker )

King Kong ( poker ) -King (the card).

King Number ( keno )

King Ticket ( keno ) - A ticket played with one or more king numbers marked on it, making it a very versatile ticket.

King Without a Mustache ( poker )

King-High ( poker )

Kings Full ( poker ) -A full house consisting of three kings and another pair.

Kings Over ( poker )

Kings Up ( poker ) -Two pair, the higher of which are kings.

Kitchen Game ( poker ) -A home game, usually one for small stakes.

Kitchen Poker Dictionary ( poker ) -A home game, usually one for small stakes.

Kitty ( poker )

Kkk ( poker ) -Ku Klux Klan, that is, three kings.

Knave ( poker ) -Jack (the card).

Knock ( poker )

Knock at the Door ( bingo ) - 4

Knock Heads ( poker )

Knock Poker Dictionary ( poker )

Knock-Out Count ( blackjack)

Knuckle ( poker )

Knuckle it ( poker ) -To stand pat (To decline an opportunity to draw cards.).

Ko ( blackjack) - See Knock-Out Count.

Kojac ( poker ) -In hold 'em, K-J as one's first two cards. Named because it sounds like the television series

Kokomo ( poker ) -In hold 'em, K-8 as one's first two cards.

Komoke ( poker )

Komoker ( poker )

Kowboy ( poker ) -King (the card).

Ku ( blackjack) - The acronym for Ken Uston, author.

Ku Klux Klan ( poker ) -Kings.

Kwik Pik ( keno ) - Random Keno number of selections, and number selection.


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