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La Bouchere Betting System (roulette)

La Grande ( baccarat ) - The French term for a 9 dealt as a natural.

La Hire ( poker ) -The jack of hearts. May have come from a knight of the court of King Charles VII of France.

La Petite ( baccarat ) - The French term for a 8 dealt as a natural.

Labouchere ( blackjack)

Lace ( baccarat ) - To randomly place cards into a stack of cards one at a time.

Lady ( poker ) -A Queen.

Lalapalooza ( poker )

Lamb ( poker ) -A sucker or mark; a poor player easily relieved of his money.

Lamebrain Pete ( poker )

Lamebrains ( poker )

Lammer ( poker )

Lammers ( baccarat ) - Lammers are used to mark up commissions.

Lancelot ( poker ) -The jack of clubs. Comes from the famed knight of King Arthur's Round Table.

Large ( poker ) -Pertaining to $1000. "I lost six large" means "I lost $6000."

Large Bet ( poker )

Las Vegas ( blackjack)

Las Vegas Riffle ( poker )

Las Vegas Shuffle ( poker )

Las Vegas Strip ( blackjack)

Las Vegas Strip Rules ( blackjack)

Last Bet ( poker )

Last Position ( poker )

Last Raise ( poker )

Last to Act ( poker )

Last-Card Ouie ( poker )

Late Blind ( poker )

Late Mail (general terms )

Late Night Bingo ( bingo ) - Session" of bingo that starts late at night, usually about 10:00 pm. Also Moonlight Bingo.

Late Position ( poker ) -A position on a round of betting in which you act after most of the other players have acted.

Late Surrender ( blackjack)

Latex ( lotto ) - The material used for the scratch panel on a lottery scratch card.

Lay ( craps ) - A bet against a particular number by the wrong bettor, who gives the casino a 5% comission.

Lay (general terms ) - Take a bet on, like a Bookmaker.

Lay (The) Odds ( craps )

Lay a Price (general terms ) - Bet a favorite, lay the points

Lay Bet(s) ( craps )

Lay Down ( poker ) -To reveal one's hand in a showdown.

Lay Down your Hand ( poker ) -To fold.

Lay Odds ( poker ) -To give favorable odds to an opponent.

Lay Off (general terms )

Lay Paint ( poker ) -To put markings on cards with paint, ink, or some other fluid.

Lay the Odds ( poker )

Lay the Points (general terms )

Lay the Price (general terms ) - A wager on a favorite in a moneyline contest

Lay Wager ( craps ) - Betting against a point number that has been thrown by paying a 5 percent commission.

Layer (general terms )

Laying a Horse (general terms )

Laying a Price (general terms ) - Playing a favorite

Laying Off (general terms )

Laying the Points (general terms ) - A wager on a favorite in a point spread contest.

Laying the Price (general terms ) - A wager on a favorite in a money line contest.

Layoff (general terms )

Layoff Bet (general terms)

Layout ( craps ) - The imprinted surface of a craps table, which shows all the areas where bets can be placed.

Layout (roulette) -The design imprinted on the felt table top with the various bets that can be made.

Layout Strategies (roulette)

Lazy Pineapple ( poker )

Lbw (general terms ) - Leg Before Wicket.

Lead ( poker ) -To bet first, even when one had the option to check.

Leader ( poker )

Leak ( poker )

Leak a Hand ( poker ) -To leak your hand is to unknowingly expose one or more cards.

Leak Air ( poker ) -Put air into (Hold your cards in such a way that others can see them. Also, leak air).

Leather Ass ( poker ) -Patience, that is, what you need while you wait for the good cards to come.

Leave it ( poker )

Ledge ( poker )

Leg Up ( poker )

Legal Bet ( poker )

Legal Raise ( poker )

Legitimate Hand ( poker ) -A strong hand that is not a bluff.

Legs Eleven ( bingo ) - 11

Lemon Juice ( poker )

Lengthen (general terms )

Let it Ride ( poker )

Let it Ride (general terms ) - A poker game.

Level ( blackjack)

Levels (general terms ) - The price of evens.

Liberty Bell (slots) -The name of the original machine invented by Charles Fey of San Francisco.

Lid ( poker ) -The top card of the deck.

Lie ( poker ) -A bluff (To make a bet or raise with a poor hand, in hope that the remaining active player(s) will fold. ) -.

Light ( poker )

Light Work ( poker ) -Markings put on a deck with very fine lines.

Lights ( poker )

Like Mom and Dad ( craps ) - Betting that the next roll will be the total sum of 8 (4&4).


Limit Game ( poker ) -Limit poker, or, more specifically, an instance of a game played with limit stakes.

Limit Poker Dictionary

Limit Stakes ( poker )

Limp ( poker ) -To flat call an opening forced bet is to limp into a hand.

Limp Along ( poker ) -To enter the round by calling a bet rather than raising.

Limp in ( poker ) -To enter the round by calling a bet rather than raising.

Limper ( poker )

Line ( poker )

Line Away ( craps ) - Betting that the next roll will be the number of 7 (5&2).

Line Bet

Line Betting (general terms )

Line Maker (general terms ) - The person who establishes the original and subsequent betting lines.

Line Work ( poker ) -Spots, lines, curlicues, put on a deck by a cheater so that the cards can be read from the back.

Linemaker (general terms ) - The person who establishes the original and subsequent betting lines.

Liner ( poker ) -A face card. (Because you can see a line when the card is face down and the lower right corner is lifted)

Lines (general terms ) - Handicaps, pointspreads and odds offered to the punter.

Lineup ( poker ) -The players in a particular game. Also called crew.

List ( poker )

Listed Pitcher

Little Blind ( poker )

Little Bobtail ( poker )

Little Casino ( poker )

Little Cat ( poker )

Little Dog ( poker )

Little Joe ( craps ) - A pair of twos or Hard 4.

Little Joe from Kokomo ( craps ) - Betting that the next roll will be the number of 4 (2&2).

Little Minnie ( poker )

Little Oldsmobile ( poker ) -In hold 'em, 8-8 as one's first two cards.

Little Pete ( poker ) -In hold 'em, 2-3 as one's first two cards.

Little Phoebe ( craps ) - Betting that the next roll will be the number of 5 (3&2).

Little Slick ( poker ) -In Hold'em, hole cards of A-2, suited or not.

Little Squeeze ( poker )

Little Tiger ( poker )

Little Virginia ( poker ) -A form of six-card stud, found only in home games, low hole card wild

Little Wheel ( poker )

Live ( poker )

Live Blind ( poker )

Live Card ( poker )

Live Chips ( poker )

Live Game ( poker )

Live Hand ( poker ) -A hand that is still eligible to win the pot.

Live Keno ( keno ) - Regular keno played on tickets, not video keno.

Live One ( poker ) -An inexperienced, bad or loose player who apparently has plenty of money to lose; a rich sucker.

Ll ( blackjack) - The acronym for Lady Luck, a casino.

Load ( poker ) -A decent session's winnings. "He's back for another load."

Loaded For Bear ( poker ) -Having a great hand, usually one that has been passed; often said of a sandbagger.

Loan Shark ( poker )

Loan Shark (general terms ) - One, usually mob-connected, who loans money at a high weekly interest rate.

Loan-Sharking ( poker ) -Lending of money, particularly to gamblers, at excessive rates of interest.

Loball ( poker )

Lobby ( poker ) -Sit out several hands, usually away from the table, or leave the table frequently.

Lobbying Chips ( poker )

Lobster ( poker )

Local ( poker ) -Someone who lives in Las Vegas (and "lives" in the poker games), as contrasted to a tourist.

Local Option Hands ( poker )

Lock ( poker ) -A hand that cannot lose; a cinch hand.

Lock (general terms ) - A surefire winner (there really is no such proposition)

Lock it Up ( poker )

Lock Player ( poker ) -A locksmith (One who plays only the nuts).

Lock Up ( poker ) -Reserve or save (a seat). "Lock up a seat in the 6-12 for me."

Locked on ( poker ) -Unable to throw a hand away. "Too much money in the pot; you got me locked on." Also, tied on.

Locked Up ( poker )

Locksmith ( poker ) -One who plays only the nuts (usually used in a derisive sense).

Lol ( blackjack) - The acronym for Laughing Out Loud.

Lollapalooza ( poker )

London Lowball ( poker )

Long and Strong ( craps ) - When the stickman asks you to throw hard enough to hit the backboard.

Long Call ( poker )

Long End of the Bet (roulette) -The side of the bet that must pay off more than it collects.

Long Odds ( poker ) -The odds for an event that has a relatively small chance of occurring.

Long Odds (general terms ) - Generally greater then $11 (or 10/1).

Long Run

Long Shot (general terms )

Long Studs ( poker ) -Stud poker involving more than five cards; a term used primarily in England


Look ( poker )

Look at One ( poker )

Look at Two ( poker )

Look Someone Up ( poker ) -Call a bet, usually with a hand that can beat only a bluff.

Looking Down Someone's Throat ( poker )

Looking Out the Window ( poker )

Looloo ( poker )

Loose ( poker )

Loose Game ( poker ) -A game with a lot of players in most pots.

Loose Juice ( poker ) -Booze, Alcohol.

Loose Player ( poker ) -One who plays loose (Playing liberally; not tight.).

Loose Slots

Loosey ( poker ) -A loose player (Playing liberally; not tight.).

Loosey-Goosey ( poker ) -1) A loose player (Playing liberally; not tight.). 2) Playing in a loose fashion.

Loser ( poker )

Lotologist ( lotto ) - One who studies or collects lottery items.

Lotology ( lotto ) - The study, research or collection of any items connected with the Lottery, and most commonly used to describe the collection of Scratch Cards.


Lounge ( keno )

Low ( poker )

Low Belly Strippers ( poker )

Low Bet (roulette) -A wager that one of the low numbers (1-18) will win the next spin.

Low Chicago ( poker )

Low Hole Card Wild ( poker )

Low Level (slots) -Slot machines you can sit at to play.

Low Mambo ( poker )

Low Poker Dictionary

Low Roller ( blackjack) - A small better.

Low Roller ( poker ) -One who plays for small stakes. Opposite to high roller.

Low Roller (roulette) -A person who bets small stakes.

Low Spade ( poker )

Low Stakes ( poker ) -Low-stakes game.

Lowball (Or Draw Lowball) ( poker )

Lowball Draw ( poker )

Lowball God ( poker )

Lowball Stud ( poker ) -Razz (Seven-card stud lowball.).

Low-Stakes ( poker ) -Pertaining to a game played for smaller amounts than the other games in a particular establishment.

Low-Stakes Game ( poker ) -A game played for small stakes.

Ls ( blackjack) - The acronym for Late Surrender.

Lt ( blackjack) - The acronym for Lake Tahoe.

Lta (general terms ) - Loan Tennis Association


Luck Out ( poker ) -Outdraw a good hand.

Lucky ( bingo ) - 7

Lucky ( poker ) -Possessing luck. "I'd rather be lucky than good any day

Lucky 15 (general terms )

Lucky 31 (general terms )

Lucky 63 (general terms )

Lucky Dip ( lotto ) - A set of randomly generated numbers by the lottery computer, for entry into the National Lottery.

Lucky Draw ( poker ) -Catching one or more cards that complete a hand against the odds.

Lucky Hit ( poker ) -Lucky draw (Catching one or more cards that complete a hand against the odds).

Lucky Jar ( bingo )

Lumber ( poker ) -Kibitzer (A non-playing spectator; a railbird.).

Lumberman's Hand ( poker ) -In hold 'em, 2-4 as one's first two cards. Comes from two-by-four, a kind of board.

Luminous Readers ( poker )

Lumpy (general terms ) - A break-in dealer. Called this because their dealing is not smooth.

Lv ( blackjack) - The acronym for Las Vegas, the city.

Lva ( blackjack) - The acronym for Las Vegas Advisor, Anthony Curtis's newsletter.

Lying ( poker ) -Bluffing. "I think you're lying; I'm gonna call you."

Lying in the Bushes ( poker )

Lying in the Weeds ( poker )


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