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Ma ( blackjack)

Machine Man ( poker ) -A thief who uses a mechanical device for his cheating (for example, a holdout machine).

Made Hand ( poker ) -Complete hand.

Made in Heaven ( bingo ) - 67

Maiden (general terms ) - Horse which has not won a race

Mail ( poker )

Main Game ( poker )

Main Pot ( poker ) -When there is a side pot, that part of the pot all of the players have action in.

Main Stage Bingo ( bingo )

Major Hand ( poker ) -In high poker, (generally) a straight or better.

Major League Game ( poker ) -1) A high-stakes game. 2) The largest game in a card room.

Major Prize ( keno ) - Winnings exceeding an amount parameter and subject to abatement.

Make ( poker )

Make a Move ( poker ) -To try a bluff.

Make a Move on the Pot ( poker )

Make a Pass ( poker )

Make a Play ( poker )

Make a Score ( poker ) -Win big.

Make Good ( poker )

Make Perfect ( poker )

Make the Blind Good ( poker )

Make the Deck ( poker ) -After the play of a hand, gather the cards and shuffle them for the deal of the next hand
Make the Pack ( poker ) -After the play of a hand, gather the cards and shuffle them for the deal of the next hand.

Make them Wait ( bingo ) - 58

Make Up ( poker ) -After the play of a hand, gather the cards and shuffle them for the deal of the next hand.

Make Up the Blind ( poker )

Make Up the Blinds ( poker )

Make Up the Pack ( poker ) -After the play of a hand, gather the cards and shuffle them for the deal of the next hand.

Making the Pass ( poker )

Mambo Stud ( poker )

Man Alive ( bingo ) - 5

Man with the Axe ( poker ) -King of diamonds.

Man with the Star ( poker ) -Joker.

Manage ( poker ) -1) Practice money management. 2) Run a card room. 3) Own a card room.

Management ( poker ) -1) The owners of a card room. 2) Those running or managing a card room.

Manager ( poker )

Managing ( poker ) -Successfully applying the principles of money management.

Maniac ( poker ) -A very aggressive player who plays hands that more conservative players would probably not consider.

Manque (roulette) -French term for Low Bet.

Man-to-Man Betting (general terms ) - Gambling without either party taking a commission for the bet made.

Mare (general terms ) - Female horse five years and over

Margin (general terms ) - The amount a competitor in an event finishes in front of another competitor.

Margin Call (general terms )

Mark ( keno ) - A mark made on a keno ticket number, either my hand or by the keno computer.

Mark ( poker )

Mark (roulette) -An individual who has been or is going to be cheated. A sucker.

Marked Cards ( poker ) -Cards that have been altered so that their value can be read from the back.

Marked Deck ( poker ) -A deck with marked cards. Also called cheaters.

Marker ( blackjack) - An IOU to the casino signed by a player who has casino credit.

Marker ( poker )

Marker (general terms ) - An IOU.

Marker (roulette) -The check that a player fills out before receiving casino credit at the table. A promissory note of IOU.

Markers ( poker ) -Scratches, bends, paint, etc., on cards; often plural.

Market (general terms ) - The list of all horses engaged in a race and their respective odds.

Marriage ( poker ) -In hold 'em, suited K-Q as the down cards. Comes from the game of pinochle.

Martingale ( blackjack)

Martingale Betting System (roulette)

Master Card ( poker ) -The highest card in play in a particular suit.

Master Ticket ( keno )

Matador (general terms ) - A cover that occurs in the waning moments of a game (also referred to as a back door cover)

Match Bet (general terms )

Match Lights ( poker )

Match One's Lights ( poker )

Match Play (roulette)

Match the Pot ( poker )

Matchbook Shiner ( poker )

Matching Card ( poker )

Mate ( poker )

Maverick ( poker ) -In hold' em, Q-J as one's first two cards.

Max Bet (slots)

Maximum Average Payback (videopoker)

Maximum Credits (videopoker)

Mcc (general terms ) - Marylebone Cricket Club.

Md ( blackjack) - 1. The acronym for Michael Dalton, author and publisher. 2. The acronym for Multiple Deck.

Mdbj ( blackjack) - The acronym for Ken Uston's book entitled Million Dollar Black Jack.

Mechanic ( blackjack)

Mechanic ( poker )

Mechanic (slots) -The house employee who sets the machines for their payoffs. This person also repairs broken machines.

Mechanic's Grip ( poker )

Meet ( poker ) -To call.

Mexican Standoff ( poker ) -A tied pot; a hand in which two (or more) players have equivalent hands and split the pot.

Mexican Stud ( poker )

Mgm ( blackjack) - An abbreviation for MGM Grand, a casino.

Micc (general terms ) - Member of International Cricket Council.

Michigan Bankroll ( poker )

Michigan Roll ( poker )

Middle ( poker )

Middle (general terms )

Middle Blind ( poker )

Middle Dealer ( poker )

Middle Man ( poker )

Middle Pair ( poker ) -In flop games, a middle pair is made by pairing with the middle card on the flop.

Middle Position ( poker ) -A position on a round of betting somewhere in the middle.

Middle Straight ( poker ) -Inside straight (Four cards requiring one in the middle to fill a straight.).

Middles ( poker ) -Cards dealt from the middle of the deck (by a middle dealer)

Middle's (general terms )

Middles (general terms )

Middles Dealer ( poker )

Middling (general terms )

Midnight ( craps ) - [1] 12. [2] Betting on the number 12 to appear on the next roll.

Midnight Shift ( poker )

Mighty Wurlitzer ( poker )

Mike ( poker ) -Blind stud.

Miles ( poker )

Miles of Bad Road ( poker )

Milk ( poker )

Milk the Deck ( poker )

Milk Up ( poker )

Milk Up the Deck ( poker )

Milker ( poker )

Mills Slots (slots) -The first machines used nationwide and the first to have a jackpot as well as the standard fruit symbols.

Mini Baccarat ( baccarat )

Minimum Buy-in ( bingo ) - The least amount you must spend to be eligible for prizes.

Minnie ( poker )

Minnow ( poker )

Minor Hand ( poker ) -In high poker, (generally) three aces or worse.

Minor League Game ( poker ) -1) A low-stakes game. 2) The smallest game in a card room.

Mint (Mt) ( lotto ) - An unscratched ticket, that has none of the latex removed.

Minus Pool (general terms )

Miptc (general terms ) - Men's International Professional Tennis Council.

Miscall ( poker ) -Verbally declare your hand as being other than it is, usually better.

Misdeal ( poker ) -A hand dealt incorrectly that must be re-dealt.

Misère ( poker ) -Another name for lowball, primarily in England

Misère Pots ( poker ) -Another name for lowball, primarily in England.

Miss ( craps )

Miss ( poker ) -To be unable to make your drawing hand when the final cards are dealt.

Miss Out ( craps )

Miss the Blind ( poker )

Miss the Flop ( poker ) -In hold 'em, the situation in which the flop bears little relation to a player's down cards.

Mississippi Stud ( poker )

Mistc (general terms ) - Men's International Squash Tournament Council.

Mistigri ( poker )

Mistigris ( poker )

Mites and Lice ( poker ) -A hand consisting of two pair, threes over twos.

Mits and Mice ( poker ) -Nits and lice (In high poker, two small pair, usually 3s and 2s.)

Mitt ( poker ) -A poker hand, that is, a fistful of cards.

Mitt Joint ( poker ) -A crooked gambling establishment that relies on marked cards.

Mixers ( bingo )

Mlb (general terms ) - Major Baseball League (divided into two leagues: the National and the American)

Modified Limit ( poker )

Molly Hogan ( poker ) -The queen of spades.

Monarch ( poker ) -A king (the card).

Money at Risk (roulette) -Money that has been wagered and can be lost.

Money Ball ( bingo ) - A number drawn before the game that will double a player's winnings if bingo is hit on that number.

Money Line (general terms )

Money Line Bet (general terms )

Money Lists (general terms ) - In Golf, the list of the amount of official money won by each golfer on their respective tours.

Money Lline (general terms )

Money Management ( blackjack)

Money Management ( poker )

Money Management (roulette) -The methods a player uses to save his bankroll from ruin.

Money Management (slots)

Money Odds ( poker )

Money Player ( poker ) -Any gambler, particularly a high roller.

Money Plays ( blackjack)

Money Plays ( poker )

Money Plays (roulette) -The call that alerts the dealer and the pit that you are betting cash and not chips.

Moneyline (general terms )

Mongrel ( poker ) -In hold 'em, K-9 as one's first two cards.

Monkey ( blackjack)

Monkey ( poker ) -A sucker, particularly one who is the victim of cheating.

Monkey (general terms ) - Chinese term used in casinos for a card valued at ten.

Monkey Flush ( poker ) -Three cards of the same suit, not in sequence.

Monster ( poker ) -A hand that is almost certain to win.

Montana Banana ( poker )

Monte ( poker ) -Three-card monte (Any card game played with three cards, particularly poker.).

Moon ( poker )

Moon Hand ( poker ) -In a high-low split declare game, a hand that declares for and wins both ways.

Moonlight Bingo ( bingo ) - Session" of bingo that starts late at night, usually about 10:00 pm. Also Late Night Bingo.

Mop Squeezer ( poker ) -Queen.

More Than Eleven ( bingo ) - 37

Mortal Cinch ( poker ) -1) The nuts (The best possible hand of a given class.); usually preceded by a. 2) Lock (A hand that cannot lose; a cinch hand.).

Mortal Lock ( poker ) -The nuts (The best possible hand of a given class.); usually preceded by a.

Mortal Nuts ( poker ) -The nuts (The best possible hand of a given class.); usually preceded by the.

Mortals ( poker ) -The nuts (The best possible hand of a given class.); usually preceded by the. Also called immortals.

Moss, Johnny ( poker ) -Johnny Moss (In hold ' em, A-T as one's first two cards.)

Motion ( poker )

Motown ( poker ) -In hold 'em, J-5 as one's first two cards. From the Motown singing group the Jackson Five

Mouth Bet ( poker )

Move ( poker )

Move All in ( poker )

Move in ( poker )

Move on the Pot ( poker )

Move the Line (general terms )

Mover ( poker ) -A card thief, that is, someone who moves.

Moves ( poker ) -Fancy plays, often accompanied by theatrics; sometimes just the theatrics. "He's got a lot of moves."

Moving the Line (general terms )

Mss ( blackjack) - The acronym for Main Street Station, a casino.

Muck ( blackjack)

Muck ( poker )

Mucker ( poker )

Mucker (roulette) -Anyone who uses slSeven-of-hand techniques to cheat - usually done for Past Posting.

Multi Draw Ticket ( lotto ) - A ticket that is valid for more than one drawing.

Multi Game Keno Ticket ( keno ) - A ticket played for multiple keno games.

Multicast (general terms ) - A speciality wager combining Straight Forecasts in Doubles, Trebles, etc.

Multi-Line (slots)

Multiple Deck ( blackjack)

Multiple Winners ( bingo )

Multiples (general terms )

Multiplied Odds (general terms )

Multiplier Slots (slots)

Multi-Way ( poker ) -Involving more than two players.

Multi-Way Pot ( poker ) -A pot with more than two players.

Murder ( poker )

Mush (general terms ) - A bettor who is bad luck

Mushroom ( bingo )

Mustache ( poker ) -A term of opprobrium peculiar to card rooms. "Ya mustache" means "You no-good person, you"

Must-Move Game ( poker ) -Forced-move game.

Mutuel (general terms ) - Price paid on a winning pari-mutuel wager.

Mvp (general terms )

Mystery Intervals ( bingo )


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