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Mississippi Stud Poker Strategies – Basics for Newbies

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Mississippi Stud Poker Strategies – Basics for Newbies


Mississippi Stud poker is yet another variation of the classic card game which is now played not only in casinos but also online.  Online Mississippi Stud poker strategies have some significant differences in relation to the more popular and traditional poker games available, however, and these differences actually make the game easier to win which is an attractive characteristic to many poker players.  The following is a  basic outline of how to play the game of Mississippi Stud poker, whether you join a tournament at the casino or online.

What Is Mississippi Stud Poker?

Mississippi Stud poker is simply a variation on a more traditional poker game known as Seven Card Stud.  While today’s world of gambling and poker includes a plethora of variations on traditional games, Mississippi Stud poker actually sticks pretty close to the original as far as rules and strategies are concerned.  This means that a solid knowledge of Seven Card Stud rules and strategies can serve a player very well, as long as the nuances of the variation are also understood.

Where to Join a Game of Mississippi Stud Poker?

Mississippi Stud poker is most commonly played via online casino tournaments.  This is not because Mississippi Stud poker is not recognized in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, but rather because games such as Texas Hold ‘Em are more popular at the moment and, therefore, a bigger revenue generator for casinos.  Online casinos, on the other hand, have the capability to practically unlimited tournaments at once.  That means that there’s always a game of Mississippi Stud poker available to join through online casinos.

How Mississippi Stud Poker Strategies Differ from Other, More Popular Card Games

The primary difference between Mississippi Stud poker and similar variations of the game lies in the fact that you are playing against a pay-chart rather than a dealer.  Of course, there is a certain amount of strategy involved in winning a game of Mississippi Stud poker, as there would be with any other form of poker, but it’s significantly easier to win a hand of this particular variation than it is many others, and with a lesser amount of experience.  These factors combine to make Mississippi Stud poker an ideal online gambling venture for beginners.  Of course you’ll still want to get educated on the various strategies and play your money intelligently, but for those just trying their hand at online poker, Mississippi Stud is a great game with which to get your feet wet, so to speak.

Winning with Mississippi Stud Poker

As mentioned, Mississippi Stud poker is one of the easier games to win, but players still benefit from a certain understanding of strategy as well as actual experience in playing the game.  That said, a hand of Mississippi Stud poker can be won with something as simple as a pair of Jacks.  Of course, that’s not to say that every hand is a winner, or that it doesn’t pay to educate yourself on the nuances of Mississippi Stud poker strategies prior to wagering any significant amount of money.

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