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The Many Faces of Video Poker Games

Poker Online

The Many Faces of Video Poker Games


Video Poker games are a new variation on an age-old form of competition and entertainment.  Though based in the classic essence of traditional Poker, video poker games rely on technology which serves not only ensure fairness of odds but also to make the game accessible to people from all around the world, in or out of the casino.  You may be playing against the machine itself or against others who have entered into the same hand online.

Video Poker Machines in Live Casinos

Video Poker games are a common sight in casinos these days, allowing gamblers who would rather play a more solitary form of Poker to do so, as well as enabling newcomers to the game to practice their skills against a machine before trying their hand in live tournament play.  Some casinos have video Poker games that allow for multiple players in the same game, as well.

Online Video Poker

A popular alternative to live casino gaming is online video Poker games.  There are many online casinos to choose from and, as long as you do a bit of upfront research to ensure that the organization is legitimate, your money is just as safe here as it is at a traditional Poker table.  There are many benefits to online video Poker games.  Many people enjoy the ability to indulge their enjoyment of gambling from the privacy of home, while others appreciate the ability to compete against players from all around the country – or even the world.

Some online Poker games are web-based, while others require a software download.  Many online gambling platforms include a chat feature which allows you to converse with your fellow players, making the experience all the more fun and realistic.

Types of Online Video Poker Games

What type of Poker do you prefer to play?  Texas Hold ‘Em?  Pai Gow?  Jokers Wild?  Deuces Wild?  3 Card?  Whatever your preference, it’s available through an online casino.  In fact, virtually every type of game you would find at a live casino can also be found in an online version; from card games of every sort to Roulette to Craps to slot machines.  Online gambling has become extremely popular and, as such, the offerings are fully competitive with those of traditional casinos.

Odds and Percentages

The odds and percentages associated with online gambling are comparable to those found in traditional casinos.  Video poker games, while computerized, are designed to mimic the same “luck of the draw” that can be found at a live poker table.  Buy ins and pay outs work just the same way except that they are tracked through your online account instead of with actual chips.

Online video Poker games operate in very much the same way as the video poker games you’ll find at the casino which, in turn, are just computerized versions of the real thing.  The bonus to online gambling is that you can do it your pajamas if you like, from anywhere you have access to the internet.

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