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Three Ways to Develop a Winning Pai Gow Poker Strategy

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Three Ways to Develop a Winning Pai Gow Poker Strategy


Pai Gow Poker is an increasingly popular form of both live and online casino gambling.  It is essentially and Americanized version of a traditional Chinese game which is played with dominoes.  For those who love to play Poker, Pai Gow provides an interesting twist on an old favorite.  Being that half the thrill of gambling comes from the winning, you’ll want to be sure that you have a good understanding of just how the game is played prior to venturing into a live game.  With that in mind, here are three ways to develop a winning Pai Gow Poker strategy.

1. Get a Firm Grasp on the Game Itself

In order to develop a winning Pai Gow Poker strategy, you must first understand exactly how the game is played; learn the rules, study winning hands, etc.  Here are the basics:

Pai Gow Poker is played with a deck of 53 cards; a 52-card standard deck plus one Joker.  Six hands are dealt (even if there are fewer players) plus one hand to the “banker,” for a total of seven hands.  The banker is typically the dealer, but may also be another player in the game.

The dealer deals out seven cards per player.  Players then divide their seven cards into two separate hands; one with five cards and the other with just two.  Both hands come into play with regard to a winning Pai Gow Poker strategy, as both hands must beat the banker’s in order to win.

Winning hands in Pai Gow are ordered very differently from those associated with traditional Poker.  Therefore a winning Pai Gow Poker strategy entails gaining a thorough understanding of what-beats-what.  For example, in Pai Gow, five of a kind beats everything – even a Royal Flush!  And the two-handed aspect of the game means that Pai Gow Poker strategy is much different than traditional poker strategies.  A win with one hand is not actually a win, but rather a push.  In order to win a hand of Pai Gow, you must beat the banker with both hands.

2. Study Winning Pai Gow Poker Strategy

As with learning any new skill, a certain amount of studying is recommended.  Study not only the rules of the game, but also tried and tested Pai Gow Poker strategy from those who have excelled at the game.  Numerous tools and materials for this purpose can easily be found online.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Of course, the best Pai Gow Poker strategy is the one that brings you the greatest success.  Discovering this, however, requires practice in real-time play.  Online casinos provide a great atmosphere in which to learn the game of Pai Gow while honing your skills and practicing a variety of different strategies.  It’s best to start off with a free casino in order to avoid losing a lot of money while you learn.

A winning Pai Gow Poker strategy can open up a new world of casino gaming for those who enjoy gambling as well as a challenging card game.  Prepare yourself before entering a live game, but after that, have fun!

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