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Guide to Playing Slots Online

Slots Online

Guide to Playing Slots Online


The most popular games at the casino are the slot machines. This is the reason why 80% of the casino floor space is dedicated to slots. Not blackjack, not roulette … Slots.

With that being said, the majority of these slots players do not play online slots. There are a couple of reasons for this. The US federal and state governments have enacted laws to prohibit casinos from operating online websites within the United States. Many players believe that it is illegal for them to play slots online for real money. The fact of the matter is that there is no current federal law that will prohibit players from gambling for real money online.

Many people point to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) as proof that gambling online in the United States is illegal. This law only made it illegal for online casino operators to accept bets from Americans. This is why the only online casinos are ones that are currently located outside of the US. There are several states that have current laws that prohibit their citizens from placing real money wagers online, but there is no federal law.

If you live in a state that doesn’t specifically have a law prohibiting online betting, you can play online slots at one of these websites. What is the difference between slots and online horse racing or fantasy sports? Both of these betting activities are completely legal (because of lobbyist in Washington DC). It’s your money; you can play slots online if you want to!

Playing Online Slots for Real Money

There are dozens of slots websites that allow real money customers from the United States. The most common complaint that people have is that they cannot make a deposit in their casino account. Certain websites, like Slots.lv, offer multiple different options for players so they can play slots online. These deposit options include Visa, Visa Gift Cards, and person-to-person money transfers. There is an 800 number that you can call if you are having problems making this deposit into your account.

There are over 130 slot machines that are offered at this casino. This includes many of the latest themes with superb graphics and loads of features. If you want to have a chance to win a jackpot, there are over 50 of these slots that offer a jackpot with an average monetary prize of $20,000.

Tips for Playing Real Money Slots

If you are looking to win money from playing slots online, there are a couple of easy tips that you can follow to increase your odds.

1) Bankroll management – You want to bet enough money that a large win on the reels will get you a lot of money. But, you don’t want to bet too much money that you will go broke really fast. You want to make sure that a large win will get you paid at least $100. The best practice is to bet between 0.25% and 1% of the money you have per spin if you are playing with $500. This will give you between 100 and 400 non-winning spins before you run out of money. You will likely have a lot more spins than that as many spins will either be partial or winning spins.

2) Play Max Coins and Max Paylines – Most online slots have 5 reels and multiple paylines. These slot machines are designed to have their payout percentages achieved when players are using Max Bet on spins. If you do not, you are leaving potential money in the machine. If you want to bet less per spin, simply reduce the coin size to reduce your overall bet amount.

3) Play slots with less features – The more “extras” that are offered on a slot machine, the less likely you are to hit a large payout on the reels. Extras include wild symbols, free spins, bonus features, etc. When you receive these features, you will gain a large payout; but the payout will not be as large as a big payout on the reels. The maximum payout for most of these features are no more than 30 times the total amount of the wager on the spin. Large payouts on the reels usually start at 100 times the spin amount and go up from there.

Playing Online Slots for Fun

You don’t always have to play the online slots for money. Some people like to play the online slots just for the fun of it, knowing that they won’t win any money, but they also won’t lose any money. Since the passing of the UIGEA, many people just don’t feel right about playing online slots for money, and others are afraid to.

However, there is an easy remedy for that – play online slots for free. There are lots of online slots sites that offer the same games that you normally see for pay for play, that are offered free instead. It is up to the site, but many offer both cash and free online slots these days.

Pretty much every online casino offers you the option of playing for free, so if you already have a favorite one that you like to play at check them out and see if they offer the online slots for free. Most of them have you download their casino software and then you simply choose “play for fun” after it is downloaded. You do not have to deposit any money into an account, and you can play the online slots games as much as you want.

Some people just don’t want to play an online slots game only to find that they don’t like it or they don’t understand it. That is simple enough as well as you can try out the online slots games that you are interested in by using the free play option. Slots.lv is a good one that allows free play on their slots online.

When you sign up for the online casino, they will ask for some information about you even if you aren’t depositing money. If you choose to play at their online slots you will have to provide that information. However, be careful who you are choosing to play on for some of the sites are not very reputable, and you could get inundated with spam.

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