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How Top Asian Casinos Shower with Exclusive Gifts and Benefits on their Loyal VIP Customers?

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How Top Asian Casinos Shower with Exclusive Gifts and Benefits on their Loyal VIP Customers?


The customer seeks royal treatment and to have the best of all worlds in the casino where they play. The VIP program is a teaser to the gamers on the goodies they can expect.

As an Asian gamer, you have plenty of options to select. This has put a lot of pressure on Asian casinos to outshine each other and tumble over each other to woo you. This is why today, besides offering the basic range of slot games and table games, they offer something more. They may provide you with special promotions, including no deposit bonuses and VIP programs. These are elaborate, and there is no dearth of fun in these benefits. Some casinos start their VIP membership right from the first bet and, in other cases, from a specific point only.

VIP Programs and What to Expect

Look for casinos like SA Gaming 168, for instance, and you will notice that they specialize in their VIP benefits stock. The VIP program is elaborate, and there is more to the gamers with every level they scale. The minimum deposit per day will vary with every level and start from 10,000 to 2,000,000! This said, there is a bouquet of other benefits and privileges to look forward to while playing.

Normally, when the gamers reach a level, they have to check out the casino’s FAQ or terms and conditions page. Here, they will learn how much they can withdraw or deposit. In many casinos, the gamers will be able to withdraw with ease. They will not have to worry about the minimum or maximum withdrawal limit from the first level itself. In many other casinos, this benefit is only to the top tiers.

The other big reason for gamers to opt for the VIP membership is the special royal treatment the casino bestows on them. The gamers will get a special personal accounts manager. They will also get betting limits. This does not have an upper limit as you level up.

Also, the gamers will need to look for wagering requirements. After fulfilling these requirements, only they will be able to withdraw any winnings. Here, let us check SA Gaming 168’s VIP program. Its level starts at normal, and then you go up to VIP1, VIP2, VIP3, and then to VIP4.

Special Care for the Patrons

Once a customer comes to a casino, again and again, they will need to check out the special VIP treatment. Some casinos send an invitation to the gamers to their VIP membership. The gamers will enjoy promotions that would also include VIP-only games. Casino lovers will be able to check out games only for a specific number of special class members. They can get invites to tournaments, faster cashout, and other luxuries. So, they can expect withdrawals via all the payment methods at top speed, a personal accounts manager, and more. They will also get a birthday gift and anniversary gift, among others. If there is any event coming up, make sure to check if you are getting the ring-side seat!

Such privileges and classy treatment make or break a casino’s reputation. Today, for an Asian casino to thrive, it has to present these rudimentary benefits. The gamers will only then become impressed and agree to play on these sites.

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